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29 Nov

Minimal Risk P2P Lending Investment in Mekar Explained

Minimal Risk P2P Lending Investment in Mekar Explained

The lending that is peer-to-peer is quickly gaining traction in Indonesia. The asset that is high-yield continues to provide investors attractive returns. An example, funders within the microlending platform managed by Mekar are receiving on average 10% per year, nevertheless the quantity can move up to 16per cent using the platform’s special function, Reinvest, which essentially works like a revolving-loan investment.

Yes, this investment that is relatively new does seem like a promising method to develop your cash. Nevertheless, as with every other investment, purchasing peer-to-peer lending has a particular amount of danger. That you first get to know the platform that offers the service and learn about the risks associated with this type of investment before you jump on the P2P lending bandwagon, it is highly recommended.

You would have known by now that Mekar’s peer-to-peer lending investment services carry significantly less risks than in any other platform out there if you are a long time funder in Mekar. This may also end up being your explanation to begin spending through Mekar into the beginning. For most funders in Mekar, the practically zero-risk investment opportunities that Mekar offers are simply just one thing they can’t manage to miss.

In Mekar you will find:

  • The loan that is non-PerformingNPL) rate can be as low as 0.58per cent (Mekar utilizes its lending partners’ combined NPL rates –more on lending partners later on);
  • Every initial investement is 100% guaranteed in full, which means that in an unusual instance that the debtor defaults on that loan you’ve spent on, you certainly will still get the cash back.